Visual Bible to be created for the Deaf

Translating the Bible into South African Sign Language

The main project we are currently working on is the South African Sign Language Bible Translation Project. This is a massive undertaking, but we know that we are where God wants us, and we are committed to Him, the Deaf and seeing this project through.

There are approximately 600 000 individuals in South Africa who use South African Sign Language as their First Language. Sign Language is visual. In order to make the Bible available to the Deaf in South Africa, a team of Deaf translators have come together to translate the written English Bible into South African Sign Language, in DVD format. They will do this by filming each Bible story translation, together with an introduction, as well as questions and answers to each story being translated. What the Deaf translators will actually be producing is more like a study Bible in South African Sign Language!

The Deaf translators will be working with facilitators, back-translators, a Bible translation consultant (who works specifically with the Deaf), as well as other Biblical and translation specialists as needed. The Bible College for the Deaf in South Africa, called Deaf Christian Mission Africa (DCMA) will assist the Deaf translators with signs for Biblical names and terms when required. All those involved in this project have committed to a five year plan of translating 110 Bible stories into South African Sign Language. (Though we hope and pray we may keep extending this project to have as much of the written Bible translated into a visual South African Sign Language Bible for the Deaf!)

To our knowledge, the Deaf in South Africa is the largest remaining community to have the Bible translated into their “heart language”. There are apparently only two small groups of people left in South Africa needing translations.

It is our deepest desire to acquire the support of the South African Church – It would be a true gift to the Deaf to know that the Church in their home country longs for them to have the Bible in their language!

We pray for support from God’s Church in South Africa to fulfil our mission in translating the Bible for the Deaf, by helping us raise the funds needed to complete this project. To find out how you can help us raise funds or get involved, please click here.

Details coming soon…
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