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After being back in South Africa for about one week, under Jim’s guidance and the input of our facilitator, Diane Lovell, with Lisa acting mostly as interpreter, the South African Deaf Translators were able to translate their first Bible story into South African Sign Language, including an introduction to the story which provides background information necessary to set the scene for the Deaf recipients to better understand the actual Bible story translation.

It takes a while before any translation becomes official. Every translation needs to undergo a few cycles of: back-translation, exegetical checking by the consultant, official community testing, further discussions between the facilitators, Diane and Lisa (in training, but more of an interpreter and project co-ordinator at present as things are still being set-up for the future), the Sign Language Bible consultant and the Deaf translators.

The first Bible story the South African Deaf translators worked on was, “Jesus Deaf Meet” (“Jesus meets a Deaf Man”) in Mark 7:31-37.

Wed. 20 Feb. 2013 – Thurs. 28 Feb. 2013

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