The Full-time South African Sign Language Bible Translators: Thabo Manake, Richard Kunene and Agnes Kunene, and Executive Director: Lisa Craye, visited Deaf Outreach Development (previously known as DOOR International Africa – DOOR the acronym for Deaf Opportunity OutReach) in Kenya, from 19 January 2013.

Lisa stayed for two weeks, whilst the Deaf Bible translators stayed for one month. Thabo, Richard and Agnes (and Lisa), surrounded by other Deaf translators from Kenya, Burundi, Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania (who were already involved in Sign Language Bible translation) and Nigeria (who like South Africa, were new-comers) received training in how to translate the written English Bible into Sign Language. It was a very worthwhile experience: the staff at the centre provided excellent training; the fellow Deaf translators from other African countries were a great source of encouragement and support to the South African Deaf Bible Translators.

In the last week at the centre in Kenya, the Sign Language Bible Translation Consultant, Jim Dowsett, from Dallas, Texas, joined the South African Deaf Translators and then flew back with them to Cape Town, South Africa.

Sat. 19 Jan. 2013 – Sat. 2 Feb. 2013(Lisa)/Sat. 16 Feb 2013(Translators)

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